May International flights pa ba palabas ng Luzon?

What people are askingCategory: TravelMay International flights pa ba palabas ng Luzon?
Josh Staff asked 8 months ago

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Josh Staff answered 8 months ago

At the Press Conference today live via ANC, the guidelines on ‘outbound flighst’ from Luzon have changed. Foreigners, OFWs and Balikbayans  will be allowed to fly out during the entire duration of the ‘enhanced community quarantine’. You will be allowed to travel to the airport within 24 hours from the time of your scheduled flight. 

Source: ANC Live Press Conference

Source: DZMM Laging Handa Press Briefing

Josh Staff answered 8 months ago

Beginning Friday, March 20, all airports in Luzon will stop catering to international flights—whether outbound or inbound. Travelers, including overseas Filipino workers, planning to exit or enter the Philippines through Luzon have until March 19 or 72 hours since the start of the implementation of the expanded quarantine on Tuesday to pursue their flights.

As of the moment international flights are limited to those who will ferry foreigners that might get stuck in the Philippines.

Airports in Luzon catering international flights that will be affected by the protocol are the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, the Clark International Airport in Pampanga, and the Puerto Princesa Airport.

Government guidelines on the “enhanced community quarantine” also specified that inbound international passengers who are already in transit upon the effectivity of the enhanced community quarantine will be allowed entry subject to the quarantine procedures of health authorities.
Inbound flights throughout the quarantine period meanwhile will be limited for the repatriation efforts of Filipinos overseas.


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