I am a foreigner, can I still travel to the Philippines?

What people are askingCategory: EntryI am a foreigner, can I still travel to the Philippines?
Josh Staff asked 7 months ago

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Josh Staff answered 7 months ago

No, if you are coming countries with confirmed COVID-19 local transmission. Exempted from this rule however are foreign spouses and children of Filipinos, holders of permanent resident visas, and holders of diplomatic visas issued by the Philippine government. Travel restrictions are reviewed by the government daily.

Yes, if you are not from those countries.
However,even if you are not coming from those countries, The whole of Luzon is currently on enhanced community quarantine. This means that you will not be allowed entry in the island. You will however have access to a point to point bus from NAIA airport to Clark airport for your local destination. But then again, given the current situation, and the potential covid-19 spread in many cities and regions, travelling to the Philippines this time may not be the best idea.

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